Dive into the taste of natural with "ArtsakhBio"...

“ArtsakhBio" is a new product in the agricultural production based on modern technologies. The company offers a wide range of products made from organic vegetables canned for the winter, jams and juices of various fruits and berries. The use of chemical preservatives, flavorings and colorings are strictly forbidden in our production.

our products


First press juice - a popular drink, produced by pressure fluid from the fresh fruit.



Compote is extremely tasty drink. The vast diversity of compotes meets Your requirements during every occasion of life.



The canned vegetables produced by “ArtsakhBio” are prepared according to the pretested recipes. They are very delicious as only high quality vegetables are used.



Preserves produced by “ArtsakhBio” is not only excellent and tasty dessert but it also contains a range of unreplaceable vitamins which are vital for people.



The production of Jams by "Artsakh Bio" has high level of quality. We use sweet, fully ripped fruits and berries in Jam production that maintains its subtle aroma.



Syrup has healing effects. The syrup is used in traditional medicine as a cough remedy and as a natural antibiotic.


Отзывы клиентов

Mariam Samvelyan

I flew into my happy childhood as the word went about grandmother’s canned food. The most important thing is Doshab as my grandmother gave us as an antibiotic and medicine against cough. I had looked for it everywhere and could not find the right Doshab. Now, I use to give to my children the Doshab of “ArtsakhBio” instead of medicines, and we are very pleased with the result.

Arpine Beglaryan

I was thinking for a while, to write or not, but then I made my mind to write as I thing that I have no right not sharing my impressions with my compatriots, as many of them would never know, what a wonderful and tasty canned food is offered by “ArtsakhBio”. I am too busy and I have no time for cooking fruits and vegetables for the winter. On the other hand the home made canned stuff is not always harmless. Thanks God I found my rescue that is “ArtsakhBio”.  It is very safe, tasty and no additives. To tell the truth, the product of “ArtsakhBio” reminds me about my grandmother’s canned food and my childhood. Besides, this product is made with huge love and care.

Samvel Danielyan

Recent years I live in abroad but I am always in contact with my homeland. As for me the Armenian food is the best. We always buy Armenian product whenever we have chance to buy it. Once we bought jam under “ArtsakhBio” trademark and I noticed my children to recall the taste of Armenian fruits. To tell the truth, the taste of products by “ArtsakhBio” exceeded our expectations. Since then we buy only “ArtsakhBio” products. Everything is very tasty. We do thank “ArtsakhBio” for the given opportunity to enjoy tasty food prepared from our homeland fruits and vegetables.

Varduhi Kirakosyan

Presently, the most important thing for me is to get ecologically safe products for my children. We do buy products from your factory and we feel very safe and satisfied. By the way, the prices are also affordable. 

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