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The company "Triumph Group" was founded in Artsakh, and is one of the leading companies in Armenia that produces premium class organic (Bio) products under the "ArtsakhBio" trademark.

Artsakh - means “forest of Aran”, derived from “Ar” (Aran) and “tsakh” (woods, garden), since about 35 percent of the territory is covered by forests. Delicious and juicy fruits and vegetables are grown in Artsakh due to geographical location, climate and pure spring waters.

Our products are manufactured according to the rules of organic farming that uses high efficient technologies. They are distinguished with their 100% natural consistency, low heat treatment, absence of additives and maximum saturation with vitamins and minerals.


The company's objective is to promote organic products both in Armenia and beyond its borders. Despite its young age, the company has a great experience due to its highly qualified staff, that ensures promotion of the products through the latest distribution technologies in the near future.

Our products are represented in both large supermarkets and small shops throughout Armenia. We guarantee excellent quality of our products which ensures health of the people. We also guarantee the high quality of processing techniques. Our products have got a complete package of permits and certificates of BIO product. Therefore, we can proudly claim our products to have gained the recognition among partners and customers in Russia and abroad.

The company "Triumph Group" aspires to provide each family with organic vegetables and fruits all year round through the modern processing technology, that ensures preservation of all useful elements, vitamins and nutrition in their products. The company quickly reacts to the changes in the market, as the company is a producer and a seller at the same time. The company expands its assortment of high-quality products every year while maintaining reasonable prices.




Our company is always open for cooperation and hires highly qualified and experienced specialists. If You are interested to get a job in our company, please send Your resume and a cover letter via the e mail address below:

E-mail [email protected]

OOO "Triumph Group" branch office Armenia,

RA, Syunik marz

Goris, St. Vanki 4/25

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