The taste and quality of our production will satisfy the demands of all customers as we use the traditional Armenian cuisine recipes along with innovative technologies. All products are made from thoroughly selected fruits and vegetables, which are enriched with nutrition due to Armenian fertile land.

The company completely refuses to use chemicals in the process of production such as pesticides and herbicides, hormones and antibiotics, chemical fertilizers and GMOs! The chemical synthesis is completely excluded from the processing process and ecological standards are met.

Currently, the company has launched a program to increase the capacity of production of juices, compotes, jams and canned vegetables.

The factory is fully modernized and equipped with modern equipment that meets European standards. In particular, the factory installed a new squeezing press machine, ultra-filtration and automated bottling line. The application of aseptic filling system, ensures production of juices and other canned food with no additives and no preservatives.

The laboratory quality compliance specialists daily monitor the composition and quality of raw materials of products.

The large scale activities towards expansion of production capacities of the company ensures to meet the growing market demand for new high-quality juices and nectars across the country.

We hope that our company will remain a leader in the segment of pomegranate juice production and will please You with exceeded quality of our products.

Production of the PL

We offer the production of our products under your private label (Private Label) taking into the consideration of the tendency of intensive promotion of the retail chains’ own brands around the world, as well as in Russia. This service enables customers to create a new product according to their own recipe and get delivery service of the product to their warehouse throughout Russia and CIS countries.

Taking into the consideration of the requirements of our PL customers, we suggest new solutions to support our customers enabling them to increase their compatibility, income and army of their own customers.